MoraBeauty Bioresonance: Know-How

MORA®Beauty – Automated Technology
for Beauty, Stress Reduction and Longevity!


MORA BEAUTY is a novelty approach for the modern wellness and beauty industry, which has successfully established itself in the countries of the European Union and Worldwide. This is a unique technology for correction of aesthetic defects, reduction of stress effects, correction of weight and restoration of fatigue. MORA BEAUTY is the result of many years of painstaking work by specialists in the field of bioresonance, beauty and energy correction.

The technology has earned the trust of many specialists and patients thanks to its incredible effectiveness, as well as the absence of painful or unpleasant sensations during the correction procedure. The know-how lies in the combination of the unique technology, beautiful design, automated procedures and high effectiveness.


MORA®Beauty applications have been thoroughly field tested and are based on the principles of bioresonance. In bioresonance the human body's electromagnetic frequency patterns are picked up and are then electronically processed, before they are led back to the body. The use of bioresonance does not belong to the

traditional medicine methods. Beauty-modules are based on findings in the complementary medicine. The MORA® Beauty-applications are no medical therapies but are the cosmetic and energy wellness applications. A clinical study with regards to the module for quitting smoking is currently available.

Automated protocols

The exclusive strength of the MORA®Beauty applications lies in the combination of the cutting design+the exclusive beauty and wellness protocols+the automated procedures guided by the intuitive software application. The operator is guided by the prompts presented on the screen, which makes the operator’s work not just easy but also a pleasurable experience. It also make it an ideal fit for use in a wide range of businesses focused around Wellness, Spa, Beauty, Rejuvenation, Naturapathy, Relaxation, Addictions and all kinds of Alternative Therapists.


MORA®Beauty technology offers a line of the automated procedures that provide help in the following areas:

Hi-Tech Design

Another attraction of MORA-BEAUTY lies in its futuristic design which will please the aesthetic tastes even of a most demanding buyer or professional. Starting from the gorgeous finishing to the user-friendly interface, you’re getting the feel of a VIP-level professional technology that will definitely catch the eye of your clients and will emphasize the high level of your practice.

Touch screen interface

The very minute that you start the MORA BEAUTY machine, you’re presented with a clean and stylish menu that allows you to manage your clients, change settings and choose procedures.

Everything that an operator needs for an effective work is at your fingertips. The software will guide you through the process via the on-screen step by step prompts. So you will like you always have an instructor sitting beside you and directing your actions.

MORA BEAUTY is a truly self-serving solution that includes everything:

Easy start for Practitioner

One of the biggest challenges of the many technologies is a long learning curve that the buy must go through in order to become an effective practitioner. Its NOT the case with MORA BEAUTY! Because of its exclusive automated protocols, it only takes 3 steps for the practitioner to get the machine up and running:

Step 1 - Create a new patient in the software (3 min)

Step 2 - Choose the procedure (15 sec)

Step 3 - Connect the patient and press start (1 min)


The Process Manual for running MORA BEAUTY is included in the package and can be learned within 3 hours. Of course, you can choose to go through the operational training in one of our offices.



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