MoraBeauty Bioresonance: Longevity

Why do we age?

The aging is supported by 2 major influencers:

  • the natural aging process “programmed” in the human nature
  • the subjective stress factors that speed up the aging process

So, while we can’t cancel the natural law of aging that all humans experience, we can work intelligently to compensate for the load coming from the subjective stress factors that contribute to faster aging of cells.

The natural aging process can be described as the accumulation of «errors».

The Cells are constantly reproduced and renewed in our organism. But unfortunately, reproduction without error is simply impossible. So time the cells reproduce themselves, each new version of the cell has a very slight difference from the previous one. This is what is called an error. The error level increases with each subsequent cell renewal. So, our body keeps reproducing itself alll the time and each next copy of the organism has more errors accumulating. So the aging process has an algorithmic character: at first it goes at a slow pace, and then it begins to grow rapidly.

What is the Longevity algorithm by MORA BEAUTY?

With the technology we run 5 major types of protocols:

All together, the above algorithms contribute to:

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